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Are you a garage or car sales business?

Are you a car enthusiast, and do want to turn that into a business?

We’re the only ones in the world to offer tools and equipment to run an Optimization business – financed and ready to use out of the box. AND THAT MAKES US VERY PROUD.

We offer all it takes, to set you up as Optitech Authorized Dealer. Tools, Optitech Academy programming certification, infrastructure, marketing, support and back-up! 

We’re there for you!





We regularly offer education in building and optimizing software. The training consists of a 2-10 program depending on your starting level, and your ambition level. More information is available in the education calendar. The training language is English.

We can offer individual training in both English and Swedish.

For the course we provide laptops, software, tools, ECU’s, etc.

After certification, you will be able to work within the Optitech Community – with our tools, within our philosophy and Optitech customers.

Normally the training takes place in Skåne, Sweden. The venue offers accommodation at a very low rate.

If relevant, we can come to your country, or we can arrange for training for instance in United Kingdom or Germany. Just ask!

The price of the certification covers access to the Optitech Performance Network and Community, support, and helpdesk.

Training and education are an under constant development, as we strive to be in the forefront of our market. Keep yourself updated and up-to-date and remain relevant – by following our latest courses.